Located in Washington, Hakiri is a small Seattle-based company that offers automated security solutions to Ruby engineers. We help our customers deliver more secure web apps.

Our Story

In January of 2013, Vasily, the founder of Hakiri, tried to find an easy to use web app that would automatically scan his Rails projects for CVE vulnerabilities. It happened right after a devastating Rails vulnerability came out and the whole Rails community freaked out. Vasily found out that there was no such tool, so he decided to build one. The original version included a script that matched the CVE database with specific technologies—nothing fancy. After several iterations a lot of other useful features were added. Hakiri did not only include the original CVE detection functionality but also a Gemfile.lock scanner and a static code analysis tool that checks code for common vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Now we are on the path to building the most robust and easy to use security monitor for web apps.

Our Mission

We believe that security is part of quality, in exactly the same way as performance, reusability, scalability, and the like. What you don’t engineer in now will cost you later. Security doesn’t have to be hard. We believe that certain aspects of security should be automated. Engineers can keep building awesome products while Hakiri works hard in the background to make sure that code and third-party software stay secure.