Grand Opening

Posted over 7 years ago by Vasily

It’s official: Hakiri is out of beta and ready for production apps! I’ve walked a long path before coming to this point. Originally, I conceived the idea in January 2013 right after several serious vulnerabilities were found in Rails. I toyed with the concept of a dynamic CVE monitor for a bit and by the end of April had a robust script that notified me whenever new vulnerabilities were discovered for my stack. It was quite helpful for the project I was working on back then.

The second part of the journey began when I decided to make the script public and turn it into a web app with many more capabilities that enhance security of Ruby on Rails apps. By early August I had a working prototype that several people tried out and really liked. It gave me confidence that I was on the way to something great.

The wait is finally over and I am ready to share Hakiri with the rest of the Rails world.

I believe that security is part of quality, in exactly the same way as performance, reusability, scalability, and the like. What you don’t engineer in now will cost you later. Too many developers can’t answer a simple question: are your Rails apps secure? It’s really scary stuff. My mission is to help make the web a safer place through exploitation prevention.

I am always there for you if you need any help with Hakiri: