We are sunsetting Hakiri on January 31 2022. To learn more please refer to this document.

In order to use some advanced Hakiri functionality that requires Hakiri Toolbelt and the API you’ll have to get an authentication token. Here are three simple steps that describe how to generate an authentication token properly.

  1. First of all, connect with GitHub to get an account on Hakiri.

  2. Then go to your account settings, generate an authentication token, and copy it. The token will disappear on the next page refresh because we keep it hashed in the DB for security reasons.

  3. Lastly setup your authentication token (HAKIRI_AUTH_TOKEN) as an environmental variable in your shell:

$ echo 'export HAKIRI_AUTH_TOKEN="your auth token"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Ubuntu note: Modify your ~/.profile instead of ~/.bash_profile.

Zsh note: Modify your ~/.zshrc file instead of ~/.bash_profile.

You can always reset your authentication token in your account settings. Don’t forget to change the environmental variable after you do it.