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Latest Gem Vulnerabilities

CVE-2021-22569 in google-protobuf

## Summary A potential Denial of Service issue in protobuf-java was discovered in the parsing procedure for binary data. Affected versions: All versions of Java Protobufs (including Kotlin and JRuby) prior to the versions listed below. Protobuf "javalite" users (typically Android) are not affected. ## Severity **High** - An...
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Published 17 days ago
CVE-2021-43846 in solidus_frontend

### Impact CSRF vulnerability that allows a malicious site to add an item to the user's cart without their knowledge. All `solidus_frontend` versions are affected. If you're using your own storefront, please, follow along to make sure you're not affected. To reproduce the issue: - Pick the id for a variant with available stock. From...
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Published 18 days ago
CVE-2021-43840 in message_bus

### Impact Users who deployed message bus with diagnostics features enabled (default off) were vulnerable to a path traversal bug, which could lead to disclosure of secret information on a machine if an unintended user were to gain access to the diagnostic route. The impact is also greater if there is no proxy for your web application...
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Published about 1 month ago
CVE-2021-44528 in actionpack

There is a possible open redirect vulnerability in the Host Authorization middleware in Action Pack. Specially crafted "X-Forwarded-Host" headers in combination with certain "allowed host" formats can cause the Host Authorization middleware in Action Pack to redirect users to a malicious website. Impacted applications will have allowed...
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Published about 1 month ago
CVE-2021-28680 in devise_masquerade

The devise_masquerade gem before 1.3 allows certain attacks when a password's salt is unknown. An application that uses this gem to let administrators masquerade/impersonate users loses one layer of security protection compared to a situation where Devise (without this extension) is used. If the server-side secret_key_base value...
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Published about 2 months ago

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