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Latest Gem Vulnerabilities

CVE-2019-16676 in simple_form

Simple Form before 5.0 has Incorrect Access Control in `file_method?` in `lib/simple_form/form_builder.rb`, because a user-supplied string is invoked as a method call. This only happens for pages that build forms based on user input.
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Published 24 days ago
CVE-2019-16377 in consul

With the consul ruby gem before 1.0.3, if a controller checks multiple powers using `:if` or `:except` conditions, these conditions are erroneously applied to all power checks in that controller. This can lead to skipped power checks and hence unauthenticated access to certain controller actions.
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Published 28 days ago
CVE-2019-16892 in rubyzip

In Rubyzip before 1.3.0, a crafted ZIP file can bypass application checks on ZIP entry sizes because data about the uncompressed size can be spoofed. This allows attackers to cause a denial of service (disk consumption).
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Published about 1 month ago
CVE-2019-16109 in devise

Devise before 4.7.1 confirms accounts upon receiving a request with a blank confirmation_token, if a database record has a blank value in the confirmation_token column. However, there is no scenario within Devise itself in which such database records would exist.
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Published about 1 month ago
CVE-2019-15224 in rest-client

The rest-client gem 1.6.10, 1.6.11, 1.6.12, and 1.6.13 for Ruby, as distributed on RubyGems.org, included a code-execution backdoor inserted by a third party.
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Published 2 months ago

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