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Latest Gem Vulnerabilities

CVE-2017-15928 in ox

In the Ox gem 2.8.0 for Ruby, the process crashes with a segmentation fault when a crafted input is supplied to parse_obj. NOTE: the vendor has stated "Ox should handle the error more gracefully" but has not confirmed a security implication.
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Published 26 days ago
CVE-2017-14683 in geminabox

geminabox (aka Gem in a Box) before 0.13.7 has CSRF, as demonstrated by an unintended gem upload.
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Published about 2 months ago
CVE-2017-14506 in geminabox

geminabox (aka Gem in a Box) before 0.13.6 has XSS, as demonstrated by uploading a gem file that has a crafted gem.homepage value in its .gemspec file.
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Published about 2 months ago
CVE-2017-9050 in nokogiri

The version of libxml2 packaged with Nokogiri contains several vulnerabilities. Nokogiri has mitigated these issues by upgrading to libxml 2.9.5. It was discovered that a type confusion error existed in libxml2. An attacker could use this to specially construct XML data that could cause a denial of service or possibly execute...
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Published 2 months ago
CVE-2017-1000037 in rvm

RVM automatically loads environment variables from files in $PWD resulting in command execution RVM vulnerable to command injection when automatically loading environment variables from files in $PWD RVM automatically executes hooks located in $PWD resulting in code execution RVM automatically installs gems as specified by files in $PWD...
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Published 4 months ago

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