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Discovered almost 5 years ago
Source: static code analysis
Category: Cross-Site Scripting
Confidence level: Weak


Unescaped model attribute



crawlable_meta_data(:title => Topic.find_by_id(SiteSetting.send({ "faq" => ({ :redirect => "faq_url", :topic_id => "guidelines_topic_id" }), "tos" => ({ :redirect => "tos_url", :topic_id => "tos_topic_id" }), "privacy" => ({ :redirect => "privacy_policy_url", :topic_id => "privacy_topic_id" }) }[(params[:id] or "faq")][:topic_id])).title, :description => SiteSetting.site_description)

Category description: XSS occurs when a user-manipulatable value is displayed on a web page without escaping it, allowing someone to inject Javascript or HTML into the page.

Solution: fix the issue in app/views/static/show.html.erb or mark it as false positive.