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Published 14 days ago
Category: Denial of Service
Source: GitHub
Severity: Critical

Vulnerability in google-protobuf


A potential Denial of Service issue in protobuf-java was discovered in the parsing procedure for binary data.

Affected versions: All versions of Java Protobufs (including Kotlin and JRuby) prior to the versions listed below. Protobuf “javalite” users (typically Android) are not affected.


High - An implementation weakness in how unknown fields are parsed in Java. A small (~800 KB) malicious payload can occupy the parser for several minutes by creating large numbers of short-lived objects that cause frequent, repeated GC pauses.

Proof of Concept

For reproduction details, please refer to the oss-fuzz issue that identifies the specific inputs that exercise this parsing weakness.

Remediation and Mitigation

Please update to the latest available versions of the following packages:

  • protobuf-java (3.16.1, 3.18.2, 3.19.2)
  • protobuf-kotlin (3.18.2, 3.19.2)
  • google-protobuf [JRuby gem only] (3.19.2)
CVSS Metrics
Access Vector Access Complexity Authentication Confidentiality Impact Integrity Impact Availability Impact
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Patched Versions

>= 3.19.2

Unaffected Versions