Ship Secure Ruby Apps

Hakiri monitors Ruby apps for dependency and code security vulnerabilities.

We are sunsetting Hakiri on January 31 2022. To learn more please refer to this document.

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What Can Hakiri Do for You?

Find Vulnerabilities in Gems

You use dozens of gems and other dependencies in your projects. How do you know that all of them are free from CVE and OSVDB vulnerabilities? How do you test them against multiple security advisory databases? Hakiri takes care of those problems for all of your Ruby gems and many server-side technologies.

Find Security Holes in the Code

We've all had bugs slip in while under pressure (and not). Some of them were discovered and fixed. Some are still in your production applications. It's just the way things are.

What about security bugs? How do you make sure your code doesn't have SQL injection or XSS security holes? Hakiri statically analyzes every GitHub commit and pull request for 32 different types of vulnerabilities with Brakeman to make sure that potentially devastating bugs don't make it into production.

Alarm on New Vulnerabilities

What happens when a new security advisory is released for one of your gems? How do you get notified? Hakiri will email or Slack you about security vulnerabilities from the NIST NVD and Ruby Advisory Database that match your dependency versions.

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Gem Scans

Make sure your gems are up to date and free of vulnerabilities.

Static Code Analysis

Don't let subtle code bugs slip into your production code.

False Positives

Mark warnings as false positives across your branches.

GitHub Integration

Sign in, setup web hooks, and get pull request notifications.

Email Notifications

Stay in the know on the go. We'll email you if things go awry.

Slack Notifications

Discuss security warnings with your team in real time.

Pull Request Scans

Easily collaborate on your code and make sure it stays secure.

Full Scan Logs

Know exactly what happened during the scan and how long it took.

Team Management

Add your teammates and manage their access permissions.

Give It a Try

Seriously. Try it for free for the first 14 days. See if it works for you. Thousands of projects around the world already use it. Hakiri is free forever for all open source projects and nonprofit organizations.